Crest Consultation begins

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Cambridge United are pleased to reveal three Crest designs for public consultation ahead of a desired change of identity in-time for the 2025/26 season...

The quest for a change in direction with regards to the Club's crest and identity has been taking place for over a year now, beginning with the initial consultation period last summer.

The Club gauged supporter opinion on the desire for a new Crest, their thoughts on what it should include and represent, before a final survey which gathered feedback on the original proposed design, which was released in September 2023.

After considering the feedback from fans, the Club decided not to pursue the proposed design and has since gone in a new direction, working alongside Football Brand designer, Christopher Payne.

Three different Crest designs have been developed over the course of the calendar year, taking into account supporter feedback from all of last year's surveys, in-order to give our fans a voice as to which direction the Club should go.

Each Crest offers a distinctly different direction, but we believe that each one is aligned with the Club's heritage, values and history.

CEO Alex Tunbridge said, "It has been the Club's desire, led by our Owners and Board, to explore a new Crest design for some time now, and we are pleased to share these three new designs publicly with our fans. They follow considerable private engagement over recent months with different parts of the Club including the Shadow Board. 

"Cambridge United is a football club with a proud history and one which is ambitious for the future. We believe that modernising our crest and identity is important to our growth and development at a time of ever greater sporting and and financial competition. 

"We also all recognise that this is a sensitive subject where people understandably have strong views,  so our start point has always been to do this in full collaboration with the fans. It is why we didn’t push through the proposed new design this time last year.

"During that process we gathered a huge amount of feedback from supporters and we listened and learned a lot. This is reflected in how we are approaching this next stage. 

"There are three proposed designs that are all different, but all representing the Club and our city past and present in unique ways. We want to provide fans with the opportunity not only to see these crests and let us know what they think, but to also allow them to engage with us face-to-face via public events throughout the upcoming month.

"We hope fans from every part of the fanbase - young and old - will take the time to look at all the materials and give us their considered feedback on the three directions over the coming weeks."

Designer Chris Payne added, "An important part of this process has been to listen to all fan feedback leading up to and following the previous design, to better understand what the fans want in the Club's Crest.

"It was a fascinating process, with many suggestions and differing viewpoints. Some fans called for us to modernise the current identity. In contrast, others wanted a more traditional design, some wanted to see the book and ball reintroduced, and other sections of the fans called for us to be bold and innovative and create something unique.

"It's hard to please everybody, but by being transparent and offering three different designs that all offer something different, we can get an idea of which direction the majority of the fans prefer."

Supporters and members of the community have the opportunity to provide feedback on the designs and register their preference, in the form of a number of consultation events over the course of the next month.

An online survey will then be issued w/c Monday 5 August for fans to officially state their views.

Scheduled Events

  • 10 July - Foundation Kicks Sessions
  • 12 July - Club Board Meeting
  • 17 July - Business Club Event
  • 18 July - First Team Consultation Session
  • 18 July - Volunteers Training Evening
  • 24 July - Soccer Camps Session
  • 23 July - Shadow Board Meeting 
  • 25 July - Fan Consultation Event
  • 25 July - Staff Consultation Event
  • 25 July - Academy Consultation Event
  • 30 July - Fans Open Day
  • 1 August - Foundation Seniors Lunch
  • 2 August - Pre-Season Home Game vs West Brom
  • W/C 5 August - Online Survey

Upon conclusion of the events the feedback will be analysed, any appropriate refinements made, and a final design will be selected by the Owners, Board of Directors and Shadow Board, which will be used from the 2025/26 season.

Please take your time to digest the videos, information and images about each Crest. This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of our Club and we are delighted that our fans will be a big part of the process.