Mission, Vision & Values

Sullay Kaikai takes part in a Premier League kicks session with a young participant

Cambridge United believes in having a clear mission, vision and set of values for it its Board, staff, players and volunteers in order to help run the Club in a professional and progressive manner...

Everyone at Cambridge United is a custodian of the Club and responsible for contributing towards our mission and vision, whilst upholding our values at all times.

View our Mission, Vision and Values below:


Cambridge United aspires to compete at the highest level of the English Football League whilst operating a sustainable football club embedded within the heart of its community.


Creating Memories

We are a modern progressive community-focused club run sustainably to create memorable moments on and off the pitch, which help engage and excite current and future generations.

Driving Standards & Performance

Through constant self-reflection and education, we seek to evolve both on and off the pitch, with a clear focus on raising our standards and levels of performance.

Improving Lives & Communities

With our players, staff, and fans at the heart of the Club, we seek to construct and enhance relationships between communities and use the power of sport to change lives.



We engage positive and inspiring characters committed to serving and strengthening our community by adopting our 3 key values:


We achieve more through working together than alone and are united in endeavour.

Hard Work

We are committed to learning and working relentlessly to pursue excellence in everything we do.


We are custodians responsible for protecting and enhancing the Club for future generations.