Club Statement: Investment

Cambridge United has announced investment of £1million in the Club in order to fund various current and future capital projects...

This information has been filed at Companies House and is available publicly.

Chairman Shaun Grady, on behalf of the Board, said, "This further investment is timely and welcome to enable the continued maintenance and improvement of facilities at The Abbey and at the training ground as the Club prepare off the pitch for next season in League One of the EFL.

"Maintenance of the Stadium and providing an exceptional playing surface as well as improvement to the pitches and facilities at the training ground at Clare College sportsgrounds are priorities for the Board.

"Providing a safe and secure environment is a minimum to ensure fans have an enjoyable experience at The Abbey. It is also important that the standard of our training facilities provide a high quality environment for the Staff and Squad to come to work every day and are a positive factor in persuading new players to join the Club.

"This investment is as a result of Mark Green increasing his ownership of the Club’s parent company Cambridge United Sporting Club Inc (‘CUSC’) to 20%, with Paul Barry owning 70% and Adam Webb 10%.

"The entire amount invested in CUSC has been invested in and transferred to the Club and will be used in connection with current and future capital projects.

"The additional investment is further evidence of commitment of Paul, Mark and Adam to build on recent successes right across the Club in their role as the Club’s owners and custodians."