Following a consultation with fans Cambridge United FC has confirmed that it will proceed with setting up a fans’ parliament, aimed at helping to improve communications with the Club’s supporters.

The Club announced on 8th November that it was keen to set up a fans’ parliament, but that it would test the appetite of supporters in the first instance.  A consultation was undertaken by small working group of fans, facilitated by CFU (the Cambridge United Supporters’ Trust).  The group has concluded that there is sufficient interest amongst supporters for some kind of fans’ parliament or supporters’ board.

Nigel Pearce, part of the working group, said:  “The response from United fans to the proposal has been very positive, sufficient for us to recommend to the Club that it should proceed with setting up a fans’ parliament.  The Club agrees, and has asked the group to move to the next stage of the work.  We will now research how the fans’ parliament at the Abbey Stadium should work and make it happen.

“To date 18 United fans have come forward to tell us they would be interested in standing for the parliament.  This, and feedback from fans that have contacted the working group and that have spoken to us, is very encouraging and made it an easy decision for us to recommend to the Club that we should proceed.  Using suggestions from fans, and from what we are learning from other football clubs, we will now pull together a proposal as to how our fans’ parliament should operate and how it should be set up.  This work will include drafting a constitution, with clear aims and objectives for the parliament, and devising an appropriate process for the election of the first members of the fans’ parliament.    

“The group will also consider alternative names, as it is evident that “fans’ parliament” is not universally popular!  Any suggestions from fans on this, or any other aspect of the fans’ parliament, are still most welcome.  There is still time for Us fans to influence what this thing will look like.”

Godric Smith, Cambridge United Director, said:  “It is great that fans themselves have given the green light to take the fans’ parliament proposal to the next stage. The Board is right behind the initiative and grateful to the working group for its efforts in getting us to this point.  We will ensure that their hard work in making the project happen is mirrored by the respect and attention the Club gives to helping make it a long term success.”

Some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the Cambridge United fans’ parliament can be found here.  

Comments and suggestions about the fans’ parliament should be sent to the working group via: