Cambridge United are delighted to introduce this Saturday’s 12th Fan and therefore leading the U’s out at the Abbey Stadium against Northampton Town, is Aaron Clayden.

As part of the #UnitedSince1912 campaign, the U's are delighted to introduce the 12th Fan initiative supported by Mick George, which will see a Cambridge United supporter profiled on the Club website, feature in the U’s squad list as number 12 on the programme and lead out the U's at the Abbey Stadium on every match day in 2018/19!

Congratulations Aaron! How long have you been supporting Cambridge United? When was the first game you attended and what was it that hooked you to become a supporter of the club?

I’ve been going to games for five years, as I had to give up running due to injury and needed a new hobby to keep me busy! My mate and I brought my youngest Sid to a game against Mansfield near the end of season, and after that we went to all games, league trophy, youth games anything we could get to.

The thing that hooked me was bringing my sons, daughter and nephew along to games where they met players in the Dublin suite and chatted to them. Losing 2-0 to Dagenham & Redbridge in the Cup might not have been great, but the kids being were made very welcome by the likes of Keano (Keith Keane) and Barry Corr which made it special for them.

Who have you attended the games with during the time you have supported the club and who do you attend the games with now?

My nephew Archie, his mate Fred and me all have season tickets but my sons, daughter and mate come along too when they can…particularly cup games where Checkatrade attendances would not be the same without us!

Which stands have you watched the games from? Have you always been in the same place or have you moved around the ground? Where do you sit now?

We have been in NRE, and also in the Habbin South for Leeds game but mainly in the Main Stand where we bought the same tickets all the time so turned them into season tickets. We are to the side of the dugout.

Tickets for Saturday's game with Northampton Town are available online here, in-store or by calling 01223 566 500.