The new Cambridge United Fixture Cards for the 2017/18 season are now available for collection from the Club Shop and on match days from the CFU Outlet.

This season’s fixture cards have been sponsored by the CUFC Lottery which is managed by the Cambridge Fans United.

During the summer the CUFC Lottery have provided funds for:

- C-R-Y to test nearly 100 14-35 year olds for Cardiac problems.

- New tables in the Habbin Area and finance to clean up the area.

- Finance to move the Memorial Garden to its new position from behind the NRE to Habbin area

- The tools needed to clean the Mundipharma Community Stand and South Stand seats

- New tables in the area outside Marvin's to enable supporters to have somewhere to eat on Match days and students on non-match days to sit

The CUFC Lottery is spending money on improving facilities for supporters.

If you would like to join the lottery and possibly win up £2,500, click here now or head to the CFU outlet on match days for further details.