Jez Says -23rd May

THIS has been a special week in a really special season for Cambridge United Football Club.

The victory on Sunday at Wembley was the culmination of many years of hard work in restructuring our club and the football operation, as well as changing the culture and philosophy.

All the plaudits will go, quite rightly to our Head Coach, Richard Money, and our players.  However, there are a huge amount of other people that deserve credit, I'll highlight them when I've finished walking!

What we must ensure, and are already working towards, is that the legacy of this season is that the club remains and progresses in the Football League for many years to come.  At the same time, we have a unique opportunity to create another legacy, not just for our club, but for the whole city.

Today I've started the final one of my 26 marathons, having already walked 650 miles for #Mission676.  We have raised a sizeable total of funds for our Community Trust to deliver charitable projects, to those who need our help the most within our community for the next 12 months and beyond.

A huge thank you to every person who has donated - over 1,100 individuals!  To those who haven't donated, as I walk the final 26 miles, it would be great if you could visit and donate £6.76 to the cause!  The chairman of our club has walked with me, staff have walked with me, fans have walked with me, sponsors have walked with me and today, to finish, five of our first team players will walk with me.

This sums up our club.

Thank you for your support,