U's Gym - Super Slimmer!

Member drops 1.7 stone with CUFC Personal Training

Cambridge United Personal Training are delighted to announce the very first 'Super Slimmer' since the refurbished U's gym has been in use for personal training.

Simon Aucott, who has been training with U's PT, Aidan Hutton, for eight weeks has;
  • Lost 1.7 stone
  • Lost 6 inches from his waist
  • Reduced his BMI by over 7%
  • Reduced his body fat percentage by 13%
U's personal trainer, Aidan Hutton, was delighted with Simon's results: "Simon has been a pleasure to take on as a client, his motivation and enthusiasm for exercise has been nothing short of exceptional. His progress mirrors this great commitment, with positive nutritional changes to his diet to not only help him lose those unwanted pounds quickly, but also help educate him at the same time to keep up the good habits up in the future. He puts 110% into every session as well as continuous exercise in his own time, helping him to achieve some dramatic results and changes to his figure and health in just 8 weeks!"

Simon was also delighted with his first eight weeks: "The turning point for me to change my lifestyle was when I started to struggle to walk short distances with my dog. I would look in the mirror and not like what I saw. My head still thought I was a fit 20-something, but the body was nowhere near. I was far too embarrassed to go to a gym and knew that if I did, I was likely to do more harm than good without guidance. So when Cambridge United introduced the Personal Trainer service, I thought I would give it a go. I came into it with my eyes wide open and knew that it would take personal motivation to stick to it. But I wanted to do it. Aidan has been brilliant. The advice he has given me regarding my diet and my exercise habits is top class. The sessions that we have every week are varied and interesting. They are tough, but as they say, if there is no pain there is no gain. He certainly makes me sweat. Aidan is also willing to answer any question I might have regarding my diet or exercise, which is great. While Aidan motivates you as much as he can, there is still that element of personal motivation and dedication. You get out of the sessions and the advice what you put in. Aidan and the service have definitely increased my self-esteem, which is what I was looking to get from it."

A massive congratulations to Simon for the progress he has already made and to keep up the hard work in the upcoming weeks. We have also had some brilliant results from other clients here at Cambridge United Personal Training, with varied techniques and training methods to great success. Keep an eye out in the future for further success stories, and if your interested in achieving similar results feel free to get in contact with Aidan Hutton - aidan.hutton@cambridge-united.co.uk for a FREE Consultation.