Abbey Helpers

Abbey Helpers raise the bar on spectator’s expectations on how they are treated at football matches.

Inspired by the London 2012 Games Makers, Cambridge United are changing and enhancing the spectator experience during match days, through a ground breaking meet and greet initiative for fans entering the R Costings Abbey Stadium.
In a joint venture between Cambridge United and Cambridge Fans United a team of enthusiastic and happy volunteers have been recruited called the Abbey Helpers to welcome, assist and help spectators both outside and inside the stadium. The Abbey Helpers are the first point of contact with supporters and they are helping to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all spectators on match days this season.

Cambridge United is continuously looking at ways to raise the bar on how well spectators are treated at the R. Costings Abbey Stadium, whether they are attending their first match or if they are life time fans and season ticket holders. The Abbey Helpers is a fine example of how Cambridge United is working as a team, off the pitch, to provide fans with a pleasurable and enjoyable football experience.

Cambridge United believed that it is important to make all supporters feel valued and looked after. By doing this it is hoped that the club will have the opportunity to welcome them back many times in the future.  As attendances rise this season, the Abbey Helpers are currently looking to recruit more volunteers to allow them to enhance their impact in and around the ground.

Abbey Helpers don’t not have to be football fans, they might be just interested in local volunteering or looking to gain customer service work experience. Anyone interested in becoming an Abbey Helper can click here for an overview of the role.

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