Cambridge United have provided a written update to the 603 supporters who have already secured their 2020/21 season tickets back in April, to clarify their position in relation to yesterday’s announcement regarding the two stage process for season tickets.

The following message was sent directly via email to the 603 fans that have already secured their place for 2020/21.

Firstly thank you again for your incredible support by securing your 2020/21 season ticket earlier in the year during the two week window. At that time we did not have much clarity around when a football season would likely start again, or when crowds would be able to return, but your commitment and support financially has played a crucial part in getting the Club to where we are now.

With that in mind and on the back of yesterday’s announcement regarding season tickets, we felt it was important to get in touch and to confirm exactly what the announcement means for you.

Yesterday the Football Club detailed the following two stage process:

Stage One – Secure a Season Ticket

  • This season ticket will guarantee a supporter a priority window before each and every home fixture at the Abbey in which crowds are permitted!
  • FREE MATCH STREAMING - Season ticket holders will also receive iFollow live match streaming free of charge for all home League games, and the Football Club’s intention is to also provide all away fixtures for free too, subject to EFL approval.

Having purchased your season ticket back in April, you have already completed stage one of the process. Whilst, the Club will be placing 1,000 more season tickets on sale next week, you do not have to worry about completing this stage again. You have already guaranteed your chance to have a priority window in advance of each home game to confirm attendance when crowds are back.


Stage Two  - Match by Match Priority Window (Available throughout season)

  • There will be a priority window in advance of every home fixture at the Abbey Stadium, for season ticket holders to confirm their attendance and how many fellow season ticket holders they will be attending with in a social bubble.
  • Stage two will of course NOT include an additional fee for season ticket holders when they confirm their attendance!
  • Once the priority window deadline has passed in advance of each fixture, all remaining tickets up to the Football Club’s limited capacity will be placed on general sale as match tickets.

The Football Club will communicate further details on stage two closer to the time of crowds being permitted back into the stadium for fixtures, which we currently expect to be 1st October. To be clear, you will need to complete stage two on an ongoing basis throughout the season in order to attend games. Simply completing stage one will not be enough for you to gain access to fixtues.

Seating Availability

Unfortunately, the Football Club CANNOT guarantee that you will be able to sit in your exact seat, due to the SGSA guidance which will mean supporters from different social bubbles have to sit a safe distance apart. In fact for full transparency, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to secure your exact seat every week. Our intention will be to make sure you are roughly in the correct area, however we hope you understand this is a complex situation for the Club to manage.

Hopefully that all provides further clarity and some reassurance about your position for next season. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our ticket office via 01223 566 500 or by emailing

All the best and thanks again for your incredibly loyal support.