Lottery helps pay for PA upgrades, offers chance for huge Christmas win

Supporters at the recent home game against Barnsley would have noticed a significant improvement in the audio being broadcasted around the ground...

Extensive works have been carried out over the past few months to A) improve the sound quality of music played across the stadium, B) improve the sound quality of the PA system and C) enable reliable on-pitch broadcasting through a wireless radio mic.

Whilst the club rightly footed the majority of the bill, complications during the final stages of the process meant that unforseen expenses would need to be paid in-order to complete the job and CUFC Lottery kindly agreed to help towards the cost with a generous £5000 donation.

CUFC Lottery is run in association with Cambridge United Football Club and aims to raise funds for improvements to both Club and fan amenities at the Abbey Stadium, as well as local community projects.

In addition to helping support the Club, lottery players have two chances to take home cash every week, with £100 being given out every Must Win Monday and Friday's Abbey Accumulator presenting one lucky supporter the opportunity to win big.

The Abbey Accumulator jackpot currenty stands at £4,100 and should there not be a winner before Friday 16th December, the prize will be drawn as a Must Win on Friday 23rd December.

One CUFC Lottery member would win the jackpot on 23rd December, making it a Christmas to remember. Until then, the jackpot will continue to grow by £50 each week, so if there is no winner, the jackpot would reach £4,750 by the time of the big draw.

Future jackpot prizes will then be capped at £2,500 and drawn as a Must Win prize, to ensure a jackpot winner will be found at least once a year.

Sign up to the CUFC Lottery from just £2 a week and be entered into both draws whilst helping improving facilities and the fan experience at the Abbey Stadium.