Abbey Accumlator & MWM Winners - December 26th

Congratulations to Boxing Day's CUFC Lottery winners, Adam Elliott, Eric Byrd & Trevor Payne...

Boxing Day's guaranteed Abbey Accumulator winner saw Adam Elliott take home £650, as well as TWO Must win Monday winners, Eric Byrd & Trevor Payne who both collected their £100 winnings during half-time in United's win over Shrewsbury Town.

The next draw is this Friday's MUST WIN Abbey Accumulator, which will be for £500.

Future jackpot prizes will then be capped at £2,500 and drawn as a Must Win prize. These changes will ensure a jackpot winner will be found at least once a year.

Sign up to the CUFC Lottery from just £2 a week and be entered into all three draws whilst helping improving facilities and the fan experience at the Abbey Stadium.

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In addition to helping support the Club, lottery players have two chances to take home cash every week, with £200 being given out every Must Win Monday and Friday's Abbey Accumulator presenting one lucky supporter the opportunity to win big.

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